Interview with Tavuchi (Spank!) from
  • Miah: We are very happy to have this opportunity... We have so many questions for you. First, your style is fantastic!!! Please tell us when and how the idea of SPANK was born?
  • Tavuchi: Spank! was born on May 22nd, 2004. Spank!'s theme is "80s Pop Disco". I like 80s culture very very much, and at that time there wasn't an 80s-themed used clothing store in Japan. So I decided to make one myself. I created Spank!'s 80s image by picking out only the thingsthat I like the most from 80s culture.
  • Miah: So how developed the fairy-kei phenomenon?
  • Tavuchi: Actually, I myself have never once referred to Spank!'s style as "fairy-kei".The fashion magazines just made up that name for the purpose of introducing my fashion genre to readers. I think girls who like Spank! consider Spank! items to be "Spank! items". And that's it.So whenever Spank! is called the pioneer of the "fairy-kei" style, I can neither deny or agree with that claim.
  • Miah: Where do you get inspired for your brand?
  • Tavuchi: 80s pop culture, especially toys like Popples and My Little Pony.
  • Miah: Do you think that one day there will be opportunities to open branches in Europe?
  • Tavuchi: Hmmmmmm . . . . . .I don't know. Maybe if lots and lots of people wanted it.
  • Miah: Which 80's cartoon characters are your favorites?
  • Tavuchi: JEM, Popples, Yum Yums, Care Bears.
  • Miah: it's really unusual for italian people to dress like this, mainly because of the prejudice, what's about Japan, is it a common style which is growing and growing or is it for a small group of interested?
  • Tavuchi: Spank! style is very popular. Though it's certainly not totally normal, girls who like fashion seem to all know it. In the Japanese countryside, it's very much like Italy: very few girls would be wearing this style of clothing. There are a lot of girls out there who are afraid of the prejudices of those around them, and so they repress their desire to wear what they want to wear. In Tokyo, no one cares about anyone else's fashion -- in a good way. Everyone is free to wear what they want. I think it's really great. That's why so many fashions are born in Tokyo, and so many people enjoy fashion.
  • Miah: What advice would you give to Italian girls that are starting to wear Spank! ?
  • Tavuchi: Rather than immediately starting to wear such clothes, I'd say it's best to start with the small thing: I'd suggest hair ribbons or pastel-colored tights. If you gradually come to understand the things you like one at a time, you'll be fashionable.
  • Miah: How do you think fairy-kei will change in the future? do you see it as a static style or do you think it will change and evolving?
  • Tavuchi: I don't think Fairy-kei will change. However, Spank! will probably change.Maybe, once everyone's forgotten the word "Fairy-kei", Spank! customers will think of a new name.
  • Miah: Thank you so much you were very kind to agree to this mini interview.
  • Tavuchi: Thanks for reading !

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